Week 30

wpid-imag0961.jpgHere is my week 30. I’m experimenting with decorating my pages. I like the look of other people’s, but I’ve never been able to decide whether it’s for me. I’m going to try a few things over the next week or so and I’ll let you know what I decide at the end. I’ve printed some new ‘To Do List’ stickers and I’m giving them a try out as well. I really like them so I think I can safely say they’ll be staying. Half the battle with decorating pages (for me) is that whilst I love owning Washi Tape, I’m not very quick to use it. I just like to look at it. Anyway, I’m heading over to YouTube for some inspiration ready for next week…



  1. I spend — literally — hours on the web viewing photos of people decorating their Filofaxes. I’m obsessed, but can never match the creativity of others. Is this a pic of what you have done? I really like it.

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  2. […] diary inserts are Piaric and there are lots of free and paid for printables in use. As I said in my previous post, I’ve just started experimenting with decorating my pages, I’m finding that the more I […]


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