It’s New Diary time!

Yes, I know. It was the 1st, but I haven’t had 5 minutes to myself and I want to completely rearrange my planners.

So far I’ve taken the 2015 diary inserts out of my A5 Cuban and just put the 2016 ones in so that they’re safe. My Personal Malden hasn’t even been touched. I also now have a white Webster’s Colour Crush which I want to set up for my photography.


If only I could get the peace and quiet to sort them out, not to mention the space! My office has been declared a warzone.

So that’s my (planner-less) plan for tomorrow.

  1. Find my office underneath the pile of random tat that’s been thrown in there over the last few weeks.
  2. Sort out my planners.
  3. Get my business back on track.

No pressure then…