Bullets and Miracles

That caught your eye, didn’t it? if you’re here to read an exciting tale of shootings and whatnot, you’d best back away now. If you’re thinking more of Ryder Carroll and dotted notebooks, then pull up a comfy chair and read on.

After around 20 years of devotion to Filofax, I have jumped ship. I cannot even begin to describe the guilt I feel everytime I spot my Malden sitting on the bookshelf. I’m going to 121746have to find a new use for it because I love it so much it’s ridiculous, but I have been tempted away by a Bullet Journal. I’m still experimenting with different layouts and mine is not one of those which look like works of art. In a way, I wish it did, but I do like my planners to be more functional, so although I might flirt with the occasional sticker or strip of Washi tape, I think it’s destined to remain fairly plain. My bullet journal is not carried at all times like my Malden was. There’s a lot in there that I only need to update and double check in the evenings.

I’ve downsized quite considerably when it comes to my daily (take it everywhere) planner. I’m now using a Leuchtturm1917 weekly planner with notebook in A6 and though small, it is just perfect. I’m not running out of space at all. The paper quality is amazing as well, so it makes me very happy. The project planner is great to use as a tracker and the monthly layout is a perfect partner to my BuJo.

As payday has just passed, I must admit, I seem to have accidentally raided Amazon. I’ve bought my 2018 planner, the same A6, but I’ve gone for a lovely Nordic Blue for next year instead of the beautiful Taupe I had this year. I’ve also bought myself a couple of Tombow pens. I’ll talk more about those in another post, but for the moment I’m just practicing with them and (to be honest) not doing very well.


Having been disappointed by my Lamy Safari, not that it was a bad pen, but I just couldn’t get on with it. I’ve now bought myself a Lamy All-Star and I prefer it hugely. I’m currently playing around with Diamine inks and loving the shimmer range. Having experimented with a few trial sized bottles, I’ve settled on a firm favourite; Sparkling Shadows. in typical Fairy fashion though, that wasn’t the one I bought last month so I may have to slip and buy a bottle this month.

I will have to take some photos and pop them on Instagram as I am currently curled up on the sofa after a hard day at work and I just cannot make myself get up and do it now. Yes, I know… Bad Fairy!

You’re probably wondering about the miracle part. Well, that’s easy. I have started reading The Miracle Morning. There are changes I need to make and I am very interested in the idea of a ‘Level 10 Life’. I’m aware that I’m way behind everyone else on this and I must admit that I had a failed attempt to read it last year. I’ll let you know how I go, but I will say this:

I will NOT be running, especially before 8am!




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