That’s a word I seem to be overusing recently. I’m not complaining, it’s  a sure sign of a wonderful couple of weeks. My bridesmaids and various wedding guests certainly fitted the description and then there are the stunning sunsets we’ve been blessed with.


The wedding went well, apart from a couple of hiccups. The taxi we’d booked to take the bridal party to the registry office was late, despite having been told who they were taking, where, why and what time we had to be there. Thank you! City Taxis for leaving a panicked bride and attendants standing out on the pavement until 5 minutes after the wedding was supposed to have started. By the time he got us there we were about 15 minutes late. The only thing he had to say on the matter was ‘The traffic’s bad, eh?’ and before you think that’s a valid reason for his lateness, the traffic was no surprise and Inverness just isn’t that big. An apology would’ve gone a long way. Most importantly, though, we got there in the end. I became a Mrs and my nearest and dearest managed to get there too. The reception was a hit, folk danced their asses off to the ceilidh band  and drank an impressively disgusting amount of alcohol. The photographer also did an amazing job. In fact, he even managed to make me look pretty good. 🙂